Armani Advent Calendar 2019 – AVAILABLE NOW!

Armani beauty advent calendar 2019



Armani have their first-ever advent calendar and it has 24 days of mini deluxe make-up sizes, as well as fragrance, skincare, pins and a keyring! It’s a wide mixture of Armani goodies with favourites such as Lip Magnet in shade 400, Si Passione & Classico Mascara as well as two FULL SIZE products Eyes To Kill Stellar 02 eyeshadow and Lip Maestro 400.


2 Full Size Products
Eyes to Kill Stellar #2
Lip Maestro #400

17 Miniatures
Mini Ecstasy Shine
#400 Mini Rouge D’Armani Matte
#102 Mini Lip Magnet
#400 Mini Ecstasy Lacquer
#402 Mini Lip Maestro
#500 Mini Eyes to Kill Mascara
Classic Mini Eye Tint #12
Mini Eye Makeup remover
Mini Crema Nera Eye cream
Mini Cushion Toneup #02
Min Crema Nera Acqua Pantelleria
7ml Mini Si EDP
7ml Mini Si Fiori
7ml Mini Si Passione
7ml Mini Aqua Di Gioia EDP
5ml Mini Code EDT
5ml Mini Aqua Di Gio EDT

5 Accessories
Lip Magnet
Pin Bow
Pin Lips
Pin Si Passione
Pin Armani Keyring




Now at Armani Beauty, Sephora and Selfridges

More make-up calendars include Harrods, Look Fantastic and Clinique.

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  1. I really want to buy this calender for my mother cause she spent a whole lot of money today 28.aug on some glasses from Armani that helps her see propertly again and I want to surprise her with more from Armani. We live in Norway so I would be so happy to get an email when the calender gets out for sale so I can order it in time before it gets sold out. Thank you so much

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