Lumene Advent Calendar 2020 – Available Now!

Lumene Nordic Nature Advent Calendar With Products 2020



The Lumene calendar has 24 vegan Nordic beauty surprises from their skin care and make-up ranges, expect 17 skincare products and 7 makeup products. The calendar is inspired by the beautiful frostbitten nature of the North and its wintery colours.

Inside are products from lines such as, Nordic-C [VALO], Nordic Hydra [LÄHDE] and Arctic Hydra Care [ARKTIS] and features a mixture of full-sized and mini- sized surprises, perfect for trying new products.


Nordic-C [VALO] Glow Boost Essence (15 ml)
Nordic-C [VALO] Pure Glow Cleansing Balm (15 ml)
Nordic-C [VALO] Overnight Bright Sleeping Cream (15 ml)
Nordic-C [VALO] Glow Reveal Moisturizer (15 ml)
Nordic-C [VALO] Glow Lumenessence Brightening Beauty Lotion (50 ml)
Nordic Hydra [LÄHDE] Oxygen Recovery 72h Hydra Gel Mask (15 ml)
Nordic Hydra [LÄHDE] Purity Dew Drops Hydrating Eye Gel (5ml)
Nordic Hydra [LÄHDE] Pure Arctic Miracle 3-In-1 Micellar Cleansing Water (50ml)
Nordic Hydra [LÄHDE] Hydration Recharge Overnight Cream (15ml)
Nordic Hydra [LÄHDE] Fresh Moisture 24h Water Gel (15ml)
Nordic Hydra [LÄHDE] Oxygenating Day Fluid Spf 30 (10ml)
Nordic Ageless [AJATON] Radiant Youth Pressed Serum (15ml)
Nordic Ageless [AJATON] Radiant Youth Night Cream (15ml)
Nordic Rituals [HARMONIA] Nutri- Recharging Intense Moisturizer (10ml)
Arctic Hydra Care [ARKTIS] Moisture & Relief Rich Day Cream (15ml)
Arctic Hydra Care [ARKTIS Moisture & Relief Rich Hand Cream (30ml)
Arctic Hydra Care [ARKTIS] Moisture & Relief Rich Eye Cream (15ml)
Moomin X Lumene Rose Lip Balm (10ml)
Nordic Chic Under Eye Concealer (5ml)
Invisible Illumination Instant Glow Fresh Skin Tint (15ml)
Blur Longwear Primer (5ml)
Invisible Illumination Instant Illuminizer – shade Midnight Sun (15ml)
Nordic Berry Curl Mascara Black (7ml)
Intense Eye Marker Waterproof (1.1ml)Lumene Advent Calendar 2020


£89.90 (worth £240)


Available now at John Lewis, Feel Unique, AllBeauty, LookFantastic, Beauty Expert and Lumene

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