Pretty Little Thing 12 Days Eyelash Calendar 2021

PLT Festive Lashes Calendar 2021


Pretty Little Thing have a 24 day and a 12 day calendar this year and now they have a 12 day false eyelash calendar.

Featuring a set of 12 festive lashes worth £108.50 in a range of styles and sizes, it also now has 20% off!


  • Jamie Lash
  • Mollie Lash
  • Lucie Lash
  • Lottie Lash
  • Honey Lash
  • Marnie Lash
  • Kenny Lash
  • Sassy Lash
  • Bonnie Lash
  • Maisy Lash
  • Ellie Lash
  • Gracie Lash


£22 – currently 20% off making it £17.60


Available now at Pretty Little Thing

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